Tahani Abu Daqqa

Board member and volunteer with Damour for community development working in environmental projects.

Board of Trustees member of Gaza University.

CEO and founder of Gaza Life Power for Renewable Energy company.

Board of Directors and founder of Culture and Thought association

Former Minister of Youth and Sport and former Minister of Culture.

Political leader, fighting for freedom and ending the occupation for 40 years, community and political leader in the first intifada. More than 30 years of experience in Development Programs at all levels, acquired experience and educational background to enable her to conduct Capacity Building programs at all levels of implementation. A mix between Public Sector and Non-Governmental sector experience that enlightened her ability become an expert in Development and Capacity building programs in Developing countries. More than 10 years of experience in renewable Energy and green economy.

Since she is a feminist, she has contributed in founding and implementation of many of the organization and projects that contribute to the women empowerment socially, economically, and politically. She has worked since 1983 in the women’s work committee and she had a lot of struggles for the women rights and women leaders in society. She has also been involved in many local, regional and international committees in order to activate the international laws on women rights, peace conflict resolution, as well as renewable energy, green economy and environmental issues.

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