Strategic Objectives:

Encourage global and multinational companies’ investment to establish remote offices and R&D centers in Palestine
Build foundational functional capabilities (that serve multiple delivery objectives)
Facilitate the up-skilling and re-skilling of IT & soft skills, mentorship, and internships for Palestinian students, graduates & entrepreneurs

Partner with US-based and Palestinian owned tech companies to increase offshoring & outsourcing of local Palestinian talent

Current Programs and activities


Project Beacon - Palestine with Microsoft

PalTechUS is working with Microsoft H.O to provide university STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) students in Palestine with virtual mentoring.

The primary goal of Project Beacon-Palestine is to help student mentees understand where they need to improve, how they might think about navigating career decisions, and having access to a professional network. This will have a significant positive impact on the student mentee’s ability to both graduate from the university and realize career success to be ready for the real world .

PalTechUS started this project as a prototype in two universities in Palestine with the goal of expanding and scaling up across Palestine.

Global Diaspora Database

PalTechUS is designing and populating a global diaspora database to include high executives in the tech sector to provide knowledge, mentoring and access to markets for Palestinian entrepreneurs.


PalTechUS is convening a roundtable of top 30 IT executives in the Fall of 2022 to engage and discuss possible offshoring of IT functions to Palestinian tech firms. This roundtable will be followed by a trade mission of 10 of the 30 executives to Palestine to engage in possible partnerships with counter Palestinian partners.


PalTechUS and the Palestinian Affairs Unit have teamed up to create training workshops targeting graduates and entrepreneurs to help them learn more in-depth aspects of creating a start-up from Executives who worked in start-ups in the US as well as invested in them. A virtual platform is also being created to place all the resources from these training workshops in one destination.

The establishment of eHub aims to help young Palestinian entrepreneurs realize that they can successfully develop their businesses and have a positive impact on their community. It also seeks to address obstacles faced by many young Palestinian entrepreneurs and provide them with practical experience in business development and partnerships with individuals who can transfer knowledge and skills.

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